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Surgical implants

We perform the complete manufacturing process (apart from conception sterilization and packaging) of surgical implants for all types of joints
(knee, hip, shoulder…).

Surgical implant production facility

Our 1425m2 production facility located  417 rue Albert Camus 42350 LA TALAUDIERE, is equipped with 10 CNC lathes, 4 machining centers, as well as a climate-controlled inspection room.

Surgical implant finishing facility

Finishing facility, carries out polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, laser marking, fitting-assembly, and has its own climate-controlled inspection room.


Manufacturing of orthopedic devices - CEFIMECA

Orthopedic devices

Orthopedic parts

We machine high-precision orthopedic parts to complex geometries, in both small and large production runs, and take pride in our professional and qualified staff.

Complete devices

We could take in charge complete devices (knee, hip, shoulder, spine…) and integrate all subcontracted work such as welding, heat treatment, electro-erosion, surface treatment … and we can also provide complete orthopedic kits.

State of the art facility

Our 2,000m2 building is home to several departments: production, methods, programming, sales, quality, purchasing, accounting/human resources.
Most of our manufacturing process is performed with CNC machines: 13 lathes and 14 machining centers.
Our finishing department is also located in the same facility and carries out polishing, electropolishing, heat treatment, ultrasonic cleaning, laser marking, fitting-assembly… We also have a grinding department and 2 climate-controlled inspection rooms.

Offres d'emploi

Céfiméca recrute !!!!!


Céfiméca recrute

Constamment à la recherche de professionnels qualifiés d'atelier, vous pouvez nous envoyer vos candidatures à l'adresse suivante : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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